Friday, January 28, 2011

Step Into Spring

It may be another cold, wintery morning here in the midwest, but I am thinking Spring today thanks to H&M.  They have renewed what’s in stores now with florals, breezy silhouettes and fabrics, and punches of color. 
These shoes caught my eye.  I like the architecture of the heel and the ankle wrap style would be so supportive and comfy.  Not to mention the color! 
I can just imagine them with a Honeysuckle pedicure.  And at $34.95, the shoes are quite the bargain.  Available in black too.  Now, what would you wear with these shoes?


  1. That color would work with neutrals or prints.

  2. J - Great blog, babe. U make me want to buy everything you suggest. I love the 'call to action' at the end of each. Too cute! xo

  3. Ang - thanks for stopping by! Can March get here quicker, please? jennie t.

  4. My printed romper, those shoes, and an oversize sweater for a spring night! Love !

  5. Brenna - love it. a romper would be so playful with these! Thanks for stopping by. jennie t.


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