Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carry On

Day Four of our "What to Pack?" Series
When I was in college, I borrowed my father’s camera for an introductory photography class I was taking.  Dad was a photojournalist with the Army in Vietnam, so when he delivered the camera to me it was still in his U.S. issued, army green shell bag with a well-worn leather strap.  I loved that bag and needless to say when the class was over, I returned the camera but kept the bag. 
The year was 1993 and that Christmas, under the tree, was my very own shell bag, complements of Dad from Duluth Pack.  If you have never heard of the Duluth Pack, get friendly immediately.  Their products are timeless, guaranteed for life, made in the USA and beyond reasonably priced.  And, if an endorsement from Delicious is not enough, what about Barney’s?  Duluth collaborated with the New York fashion force to produce an exclusive line.  And, out of respect for Duluth, I am not one to drop names but I can tell you Barney’s is not the only retailer who is interested in their wares.  
Eighteen years later, I am still carrying that same bag on my journeys (and in my daily life).  Oh sure, at times it went to the back of the closet for a spell (you remember the “it” bag trend after all, don’t you?) but I always come back to my shell bag.  I love it for travel because it can hold all the essentials but the blend of canvas with leather makes it more lightweight than an all-leather bag, plus I love the contrast of materials.  And last Spring when I saw Chloe roll out the military trend in their looks, I put down my wallet and pulled my Duluth bag out from the closet.
Priced at $80 and available in a variety of colors.

So what do you think, is the return to all-American craftsmanship for you, or does it make you go running to your Chanel?


  1. 18 years later and the Duluth bag still exists?! Wow, $80 is really worth it, and its very durable if it lasted that long. A timeless bag.

  2. Thanks Chicago Maids! They ARE fantastic - if you have not done so, I encourage you to click thru and take a look at them. jennie t.

  3. i grew up in northern minnesota and love the duluth pack! i almost forgot about them - this shell bag is amazing!

  4. Erin - thanks so much for commenting. I am a big fan of your blog and delighted to hear that you know Duluth Pack. jennie t.

  5. With the new rules about carry-on luggage, it certainly sounds like the Duluth bag is perfect for travel. linda b.

  6. So true Linda B and trust me when I say the bag CAN hold a lot. The buckle closure is adjustable. Thanks for stopping by. Jennie t.

  7. Thanks Jennie. After 129 years we are still going strong. Thanks for telling your great story!


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