Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clear for Take-off

Editor’s note: this is not a sponsored post.

Day Five of our "What to Pack?" Series
In our final installment of travel essentials, we turn our attention to the one product I can’t embark on a journey without: Pond’s® wet cleansing towelettes.  I discovered these when the TSA cracked-down on gels and liquids in carry-on luggage and I wanted to swap my facial cleanser for a cleansing cloth.  I tried a few brands before I discovered Pond’s and trust me, not all cleansing cloths are created equal.
The Ponds model foams up and works, without a drop of water. The texture of the cloth removes all make up, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner, without tugging or irritating.   I recently took them on a two week trip and noticed after using the cloths for that long, my complexion improved overall (clearer, better moisturized skin).  In fact, I loved them so much when I returned from my trip, I started using them as my daily routine, not just for travel.  Two separate people asked me what I was doing different with my face the week I got back. 

They come in packs of 30 and I have found travel packs of 5 at Target.  I keep a travel pack in my carry-on and use them to remove make up prior to a trans-Atlantic nap.  That, and a healthy dose of night cream, let’s me wake up without my mascara under my eyes and the dry skin that stale airplane air causes.

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