Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pantone® Passion

       My first job out of college required a small bit of pre-production work; hence I was awarded a Pantone swatch book to verify color breaks.  As a Communications major, I had never taken a color theory class, let alone saw a Pantone swatch book.  I quickly became obsessed with flipping through the book, picking out everything from potential home décor colors to color combinations I simply thought looked fantastic.  Ever since then, Pantone always makes me smile.

      Whitbread Wilkinson - W2, a London based design firm, sells Pantone giftware globally online with items such as purses, book bags, notebooks and more.  But my personal favorite is their mugs.  I mean, how can your day be anything less than fantastic when it begins with coffee from your very own Pantone Mug in Egg Yolk 137 C?  Enjoy a 10% discount on orders placed in January.

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