Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vanilla Vixen Cakes

Saturday, I met up with friends at one of our favorite bars in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, Bar on Buena.  When the waitress overheard that I had celebrated my birthday the previous evening, she came out with large piece of chocolate cake for all of us to share.  One bite and I knew I had to tell you all about it and how to get it. 
Now, I have had cakes from many of Chicago’s popular bakeries, but this is one of the finest chocolates cakes I have ever had in the city.  This cake had rich chocolate flavor that was the perfect balance between sweet and bittersweet.  The frosting was creamy perfection, chocolate as well but not too much to overpower the cake.  There was also a hint of shredded coconut that added an element of sweet surprise, but what really won me over was the flavor of the chocolate and how light and fluffy the cake was.  Everyone at the table agreed, even my best guy friend who doesn’t even consider himself that much of a chocolate person.
Then, I came to learn that our waitress’s generosity was not the only thing behind the surprise dessert.  She baked it herself!  Heather Reardon of Vanilla Vixen Cakes supplies local restaurants with her confections and also takes custom orders.  My advice this Valentine’s Day, skip the whole prix fixe menu ordeal, stay in, and order one of her cakes to celebrate. 

Besides being delicious, don't you just love her company's name?
For more information or to place an order contact:

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