Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, the Second Time Around

Do you ever contemplate a purchase, decide against it, and regret doing do ever since?  Oh, I have been positively haunted by some of the things that I let get away.  But with Google, I find myself on occasion typing in the lost item with the hopes it pops up on eBay or elsewhere.  
About four years back, I was putting my husband through a University of Michigan graduate school program and watching every penny.  So despite the fact that a certain resin Marc Jacobs white guitar pendant watch necklace was at a “last call” price in my Neiman Marcus shopping cart, I let it go.  I was drawn to the ease and playfulness of it.  It seemed like just the thing I would throw on with one of the grey t shirts I live in and my Supergas, say to take in the Dinosaur Jr. concert that was paying down the street.  Or some for some other occasion where I could, ironically, care less about the time.   
With thanks to eBay, I will soon know if love really is sweeter the second time around.  And, even better, my necklace will be here just in time for me to throw it on with a grey t shirt to watch the Old 97’s play down the street.
So, how about you?  Anything you have let languish in your shopping cart only to regret it later?

1 comment:

  1. I once decided against a pair of pink leather gloves and I still regret it!


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