Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Fashion Favorite Returns

Images Property of Haute Hippie

We here at Delicious are breathing a big sigh of relief.  Haute Hippie’s website is back online.  Taken down for a few months to re-tool, the new site includes the Spring look book and Haute Hippie’s look books are always a delight to flip through.
I discovered Haute Hippie about two years ago, stumbling upon their website while I was shopping online (when I should have been catching up on emails, no doubt).  I was instantly drawn to the uniqueness of their designs and timeless, wanderlust feel to them. I remember seeking out a shop in Chicago to go see their wares in person, concerned that the look book may not represent as well in real life. Has that happened to you?  You fall in love online only to be let down when you meet the real thing?  Not the case here.  The care Haute Hippie puts into the design of their fashion is carried right through to the details of execution.  Back then, they were a few people working out of an apartment in New York.  But it is nice to see they have managed to grow without losing touch with what made them so wonderful in the first place: truly unique pieces created with an eye for detail and a care for craftsmanship.
So often when you hear the words “timeless classic” in fashion you think of ballet flats, little black dresses and Chanel-inspired jackets.  For me Haute Hippie is a fashion timeless classic for very different reasons.  Haute Hippie has the bohemian, jet -set feel of a one of a kind frock you score in a flea market overseas.  You know, that dress, bag or belt that is yours and yours alone?  So take a look at how Haute Hippie does Spring. I guarantee you, the wide leg jeans you are snatching up right now will eventually take a backseat in your closet, but you will reach for your Haute Hippie year after year.
Haute Hippie is available in a number department stores including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Shopbop.com is where I typically get mine.

So, what did you think of their look book?


  1. Florals for spring.Can not wait.

  2. Me too Chic Coles! Thanks for stopping by. jennie t.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this lovely brand! can't wait to check it out ;)

  4. KC - I stalk HH on shopbop.com, loading up my "wish list" and waiting for the peices to go on sale. Thanks for stopping by - love your blog. jennie t.


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