Monday, December 13, 2010

Coffee worth getting out of bed for


I fell in love with many things the first time I went to Europe, but discovering Illy coffee topped the list.  I adore it for the taste (cappuccinos being my preference) but Illy actually hits on all the things that my “Delicious” blog is about:

Fashion:  Simon Doonan created “Miss Illy” out of recycled Illy tins for Barney’s holiday window display at their flagship location.  Love her gown.
Design:  Just look at that logo.   Also, collaborations with artists like Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg and Daniel Buren make cups and saucers worthy of stowing outside the cupboard.    
Décor:  Heck, I like the Illy canister so much it sits on my kitchen counter.  And for someone who is fanatical about clean surfaces, that’s saying a lot.
Food:  This is the most delectable, bold coffee without any bitter aftertaste that I have ever sipped.  Although an Illy cappuccino is my fav, they have coffeemaker-compatible grinds that are perfect for the home too.  I get my Illy at Whole Foods but you can visit Illy’s global locator to find the store or café nearest you.  Or, download their i-Phone ap to get your Illy info on the go.  Visit Illy’s online shop for lots of great last minute holiday gifts, too.
So if you haven’t tried it, please do and share your thoughts!

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